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Q: What is a Celebration Hunt?


A: We've taken the traditional scavenger hunt and completely flipped it! Instead of learning random facts about a city Celebration Hunt gives you fun hints to surprise destinations. Each hint will lead you to a new and enjoyable experience. Celebration Hunts are all inclusive (tips included as well). Each hunt comes with at least two surprise destinations, one meal with great food, and a gift at the end! Ex.Salsa dancing lesson, visit to local chocolate factory, couple's massage, delicious brunch, and ending with a gift!

Q: How will we know where we're going on our hunt?


A: Without giving away too much of the surprise each of your hint cards will give you directions and an address to your next surprise destination. Also the Hunt Host (person reserving your hunt) will be emailed an itinerary listing each of your surprise destinations. 

Q: What is the cost of a Celebration Hunt?


A: Each experience offers something different. The cost of your hunt will increase depending on the type and number of surprise destinations and the number of people on your hunt. The price generally starts at $100 per person.

Q: What type of surprise destinations are on each hunt?


A: Celebration Hunt's goal is for you to celebrate and enjoy yourself so you won't experience anything too strenuous. Get ready for a relaxing and joyous time. Also when you choose your hunt the surprise destinations will be listed.

Q: Can you have a Celebration Hunt with friends?


A: Yes, yes, and more yes! Celebration Hunt is the fun way to celebrate, so invite anyone you like to spend time with. To give you a few ideas this is great for birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, date night, or just to have a fun day! You can invite as many people as you would like. We plan the entire event from start to finish. Unlike a traditional event where you have to work as the organizer or party planner and make calls and reservations, we take care of it all. You just show up and focus on having fun and making memories!

Q: Can I have a Celebration Hunt for any occasion or create my own hunt?


A: Yes of coarse! Celebration Hunts are offered for a variety of holidays, but we genuinely believe everyday has something worth celebrating so you'll see hunts for fun days too. If you want to create a customized hunt we offer that as well. Our hunt planner will curate a hunt for you specifically, create customized hint cards, reserve new surprise destinations for you and provide a fun gift!

Q: Can I have a Celebration Hunt at my event?


A: Absolutely, we would be delighted to help your guest celebrate! Give us a call and we will customize a Micro-Hunt and bring it to you. Our Micro-Hunts are Celebration Hunts that are housed in one location. Each Micro-Hunt offers at least two activity stations, a delicious treat station, and a gift station with mini gifts for each guest. We will set up stations throughout your venue for your guests and provide them with hints leading them to their next surprise station. 

Q: Are refunds available?


A: Yes if you cancel your hunt 14 days before the date. However a lot of time, preparation and intentionality goes into creating an experience that our guests will enjoy so you are highly likely to enjoy yourself from start to finish! *Customized Hunts are non-refundable.*

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